Cuckoo’s Update Part 2!

Here is another update from Cuckoo’s director Michael Salgarolo!

Our second week was our first walk-through of the show’s second act, which deals with some very light moments and some incredibly heavy ones. We see McMurphy and the men of the ward building friendships and learning from each other, but we also Nurse Ratched’s attempts to maintain order at all costs. Our cast is now in the nascent stages of developing their characters, and I loved talking to them about their backstories during character meetings last week. Rachel (Nurse Ratched), TJ (Chief), and Greg (Scanlon) have been exceptional in doing background research. 

We’re getting a lot of work done at rehearsals, but having fun too. We give each other life updates at the start of every rehearsal. Typical comments include: “I didn’t sleep at all last night,” “I’ve been high on Percocet all day,” and “I bought pants yesterday.” We’re also constantly entertained by the colorful comments of our own Clay Miller (aka C-Millz).

I’ve been searching for months for music and 1950s sound clips to use in our pre-show sequence, which I’ve started to share with our sound designer. I’m so excited to be working with Austin Keefe on this aspect of the production, which will help to set the show’s many moods. We’re finishing putting together a great team of designers for the set, lights, costumes, props, and hair and makeup. Looking forward to gettting everything together as our show dates approach.

Check out actors Garrett Blackmar-White and Jon Weigell rehearsing a fight scene:

garrett and john


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