Elected Board:

bio pic.jpgVictoria Gosalvez, Public Relations Director (fall), Executive Producer (spring): is very excited to executively produce some executively chosen shows this semester. She has executively stated that this season might possibly be Generic’s best yet. She is an executive major of Business Administration with concentrations in International Business and Marketing and a minor in Spanish. If you need her she can probably be found taking naps in inappropriate places and setting out to eat a healthy salad but ending up with a salad of mozzie sticks. Most importantly she is clearly executively struggling with the definition of executive.

11072196_10200462876731085_5175591054089650711_nAnthony Hannani, Finance Director: I am a sophomore! I am currently advocating for a major in Mysteries but other than that nothing is confirmed. I like emails, meetings sometimes, and unhealthy food. Naps and pasta are both important to me so don’t you dare disgrace either (I am not threatening or strong). I do a combo of acting and tech with Generic, acting in Freshcase last fall and stage managing Detroit in the spring. I might eat a salad this year but probably not.

10865750_1037921752890250_4306139269071086412_oCaroline Crook, Artistic Director, has been living in a cave high in the Himalayan Mountains, surviving off of saltine crackers and Tang, for the past ten years. She was recently taken from her home in the wilderness, given a wardrobe of five flannel shirts and three pairs of jeans, and, inexplicably, enrolled in an urban liberal arts college. To quote her on the situation, “Everything is bright and loud and I’m very confused. Does anyone know where I can find some saltines?”

IMG_2172Austin Keefe, Technical Director:Greetings! My name is Austin, and I’m proud to have been keeping it weird since 1994. In the spring 2016 semester I will be graduating with a major in Theatre and a minor in Music. I am so excited to be part of the Generic family one last time. Putting on kick-ass shows has been a passion of mine since my freshman year, and has never faltered. As always, I will certainly have my work cut out for me. But the truth is, there’s nothing I’d rather spend way too much of my time doing than student theatre.

10848814_10205547681998381_1835949290729381713_oThom Fusco, Public Relations Director: I would use my grindr/tinder bio, “the keys to my heart are: theatre, coffee, and kale,” but you already know I’m obsessed with #theatre. If I’m not experiencing a caffeine rush, you’ll figure it out quite quickly because I can be a challenge to endure. I like to compare myself to Anna Wintour, both for our haughty natures and for our love of sunglasses indoors. Buzzfeed, however, assured me that I’m The Devil Wears Prada Meryl Streep. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. I have a thing for color schemes and fonts. You are looking at the face of a lactose-intolerant eating an ice cream sandwich.

Extended Board:

1505399_875219242536571_8890820672359467377_nSam Gordon, Artistic Director (fall), STC Liaison (spring): After seven semesters, six productions, five (hundred) platforms that I physically couldn’t move, four board positions, three Freshman Showcases, two (hundred) times she got mad over OrgSync, and one hell of a time, I’m so excited to end my GW and Generic career as STC Liaison. When I’m not doing theatre or journalism things, I’m usually watching unnecessary amounts of TV and thinking about when and where I can find the best Eggs Benedict.

12118646_1092871494065024_6602791982590394931_n.jpgMax Marshall, Assistant Executive Producer: I’m a freshman majoring in political communication and I’m super excited to be on Generic’s board this year! Friends of mine often describe me as “awful” or “trash”, but I prefer the terms “national treasure” or “a gift to us all.”

Olivia Eggers
, Assistant Executive Producer: Hello! I’m a freshman currently planning on double majoring in Political Science and Women’s Studies. In my free time you can find me snacking on an absurdly large amount of goldfish, planning world domination, or unsuccessfully trying to rap the Hamilton soundtrack. I’m a disaster but I can’t wait to work with Generic Theater Company on what promises to be an amazing season!

Taylor Kirk, Assistant Financial Director: Helloooo! First appearing on the stage as a sassy hen and most recently as a sassy (albeit brilliant) noblewoman, she has spent the past seven or so years in and around the theatre. When she has free time (hahaha), she can be found at local coffee shops consuming extremely questionable amounts of caffeine or day napping in beams of sunlight (much like a cat). She is very excited to be joining the Generic team and to be a part of this coming season!

Allie Maier
, Assistant Financial Director: Hi! I’m a freshman majoring in math and economics (it’s not as bad as it sounds). My life was turned upside down when I discovered that I wasn’t a Disney princess and that I was too short to act as one in Disney world (you have to be 5’5). I spend my time falling down (my record is 27 falls in one day), saying stupid things (my friends document these quotes), and aspiring to be Rory Gilmore. My talent is making people feel guilty by giving them a puppy dog face.

11659456_10205287824009303_1949686459280321493_nAlix Black, Assistant Artistic Director: Voted least likely to give you my approval as well as honorary badass of Generic Theatre (there is no backing to this, but don’t question it.) Lover of dachshunds, cookie dough, 1/2 pico 1/2 quac, and Facebook sharing. As someone who is very involved with the business and theatre communities, I am “the type of woman who will one day rule the world,” and I plan on it. I have also been told I have no chill. #teamtrash #brunchandchill

da9a6339-8679-468d-92cd-f6d0639b16c5.jpgAustin Hunte, Assistant Artistic Director: I am a freshman! I am studying Political Science with a possible minor in something or maybe a double major. I do not know! When I’m not with Generic, I can be found laying in my bed with a few friends, a chocolate milkshake, or Auntie Anne’s pretzels. I shined like a star in Freshcase, and I can’t wait to see what my future in Generic has to offer!

10953387_815579561823868_2425913972475727119_n.jpgGabe Murphy, Assistant Artistic Director: One day an Appalachian Trail through hiker and a former Broadway star meet in the woods of New Hampshire. We call their lovechild Gabe Murphy. “It” commonly goes by “he/him/his” and is a freshman at GW. We believe that he is majoring in Philosophy and Theatre, but even that is unconfirmed. He has a passion for both the outdoors and the indoors, especially if the outdoors involves hiking or tag and if the indoors involves a theatre or cooking. His life is shrouded in mystery, and although he tells us he is from New Hampshire, there are rumors floating around that he has taken homage in far away and exotic lands such as North and South Dakota and Wyoming. You will most likely find him acting, hiking or eating. Contrary to his appearance, he is a friendly being who enjoys sharing and intimate conversation. Be not afraid to approach him.

10377243_10152396540423062_9012499673943081406_nAshleigh Longeway, Assistant Technical Director: I’m a sophomore studying forensic chemistry. My favorite part is shedding light on forensic mysteries. (Get it? Shedding light… Because I like to design lights…) I cannot wait to assist in making a great season with Generic Theatre Company!

11041951_10205887884470566_9187855228223187115_oSara Neier, Assistant Technical Director: Hi World, I’m a Sophomore studying International Affairs, Theatre, and how to eat a can of Pringles in under a minute. I’m so excited to be a part of the Generic family! I’ve been doing tech since I was too short to see out booth windows (I wish I was kidding) and have been selling my soul to lighting and sound boards ever since. I also do other things like getting way too excited about international economics, helping run some cool GW MUN conferences, planning my world domination, and that one time I fell asleep while clutching an International Affairs textbook.

Tiffany Hudson, Assistant Technical Director: I am currently a Sophomore majoring in Journalism. My passions include all things nerdy, drinking way too much Coca-Cola, and theater. I am known by many names including: Tiff,Tiffy,Tifferoni, Tiffakolafus and Thudson, but you all can call me Tiffany. I can’t wait to work with Generic Theater Company on another great season!

11988769_915362288499323_5039725339577249928_n.jpgStephanie Shimoda, Assistant Technical Director, is a freshman majoring in Exercise Science aiming to accomplish 3 things during her time here: 1) To be the very best, like no one ever was, 2) to reference as many musicals as possible, and 3) to ruin as many people’s lives in the smallest ways. For example, next time you eat a yellow skittle, think about lemon scented cleaning supplies, but that’s beside the point. She is really excited to be a part of the Generic Family!

Brendan Hennessy
, Assistant Technical Director: Hey all! I’m Brendan, a Freshman, from New Jersey, in the School of Business studying Tourism Administration and IT Management with a Minor in Comp Sci (I know a lot… But I’m still here for you, Generic!)! I’m excited to be grabbing the horse by the reins and coming in as the Right Hand man to the Technical Director. Most of my free time is spent immersed in music (singing, listening, practicing violin), rowing, or binging tv shows, as we all do! I’ve been working soundboards since i was 10, for concert venues and theatres. I am well versed in all tech aspects and can’t wait to help Generic have the best show quality every single show!

11155012_661029847361721_8613773174613704703_o.jpgShelby Logan, Assistant Public Relations Director (fall): Hey there, I’m a Junior majoring in International Affairs with concentrations in Conflict Resolution and Security Policy. That basically means that I can solve the worlds problems but still can’t manage to figure out how to not have my candles stolen by GW. When I’m not busy saving the world, I’m baking cookies and attempting to validate Pinterest Professional as a major. You can often find me with a coffee in hand and procrastinating on Netflix when I’m not running around campus doing way too many activities to be sane. I’m so excited to call Generic my home this season and even more excited to photoshop anything and everything for my dear directors.

11146490_10153309151614752_4204182883711351782_n.jpgSkyler duBell, Assistant Public Relations Director (fall): I have been doing theatre related things since 2008. It was only a matter of time until it took over my college life as well. I love assisting as well as postering (it’s a blast to maneuver my way around staircases and hallways). I will be spending the Spring 2016 season from my bedroom at home (CT), but that does not mean that I am any less invested in Generic, though I may be spending too much time binge watching Netflix.

12185160_10153321891228720_7307579277624380454_oGrace Mitchell, Assistant Public Relations Director: Hey friends. I’m excited to be joining Generic this spring. I joined because I thought it was time that I actually started doing something with my life, something other than being a professional awkward stander and Netflix marathoner. I’m currently a junior majoring in Theatre and minoring in Music and English. If they magically offered a major at all related to Harry Potter, I’d study that because I’m only very slightly obsessed with HP. Other things that I am low-key obsessed with include musicals, coffee, and tea.

Catherine Moran
, Assistant Public Relations Director: Meow, I am Cat, It is short for Catherine, and it is my nickname/alter ego/second identity for Generic Theatre Co. I absolutely love 1950s fashion, venti chai lattes, adorable dachshunds, dancing to Taylor Swift in the rain, and dreaming (im)possible dreams. Some call me an optimist, but I do have a dark side consisting mainly of Ghirardelli dark chocolate. You can recognize me by my natural red hair.


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