2012-2013 Executive Board

Rachel Bell (Co-Executive Producer) is a junior from Denver studying archaeology and music. Last fall she studied abroad in Ireland, and can now speak a little Irish (although when are you ever going to use that in real life?). She enjoys looking up movies on IMDB while she’s watching them, crossword puzzles, and green gummy bears.

Nicholas Harnish (Co-Executive Producer) is a junior in the Elliott school of International Affairs with a minor in the Arabic language. He loves Generic and has had the opportunity to act in The Dining room, 12 Angry Men, and Speech & Debate. He has additionally served as last years Technical Director for Generic, and acted in GW’s main stage production of Hair. Nick loves working with Generic and the Generic board, and truly hopes that you join us all for an amazing adventure of fantastic student theater!

Henry Morillo (Artistic Director) is a Junior in the School of Media and Public Affairs. He has a true love for theatre and is excited to bring fantastic Generic productions to the GW community. As a freshman, Henry directed the musical Promises, Promises for FPP and appeared as Paul in their production of A Chorus Line. As a sophomore he had the pleasure of joining Generic as Howie in their production of Speech and Debate. In high school, Henry attended the Theatre Academy at Coral Reef Senior High School in Miami, FL where his credits included Tateh in Ragtime and The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, as well as a Critic’s Choice Award for Student Directing from the Florida State Thespian Festival. Outside of theatre, Henry is also very active as the Director of Content Development for GWTV and the Executive Producer and Host of Backstage GW. His most recent project is creating the new sitcom Gender Neutral, which will premiere this December.

Megan Cowher (Co-Technical Director) is a sophomore double majoring in theatre and communications. Based on her previous bios (none of which she actually wrote), Megan plays on Facebook when she should be working the board during shows, is known as “trigger fingers” because of her ability to hit all of her cues while playing on Facebook, and likes to be called “love bug”. She didn’t write this bio either #obviously, BUT she is really excited to be Co-TD and can’t wait to work with all the fabulous techies this year #somuchtechielove

Andrew Hewitt (Co-Technical Director) Yes, it is true.  The PR team appreciates me and shows feeling of eternal love toward me.  I know, I know, now calm down, I know you’re jealous.  Just remember, life is a cabernet.  Now on to other things.

Marissa Price (Financial Director) is a sophomore majoring in international affairs. Her freshman year she was in Generic’s Freshman Showcase, FPP’s Rocky Horror Picture ShowThe Vagina Monologues, FPP’s Cabaret, and Generic’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. In high school, she was the president of her thespian society and performed in every play. Theatre is her passion — her dirty little (not so) secret.  She hopes you don’t look at her Economics exam grades as a reflection of how capable she is at being the Financial Director. Really. The tests were rigged. Its fine. Anyway, she is SO EXCITED for this next year with Generic, the amazing board, and all the new directors and casts! Can’t wait to meet you all. Break a leg, Genericans!

Lianna Havel (Co-PR Director) is a junior majoring in Political Communication and double minoring in Peace Studies and Film.    Her love of theater began in high school and has continued into college where she has worked on many shows.  This semester, Lianna had the great pleasure of directing Doubt, A Parable by John Patrick Shanley for Generic.  Last year, Lianna served as PR assistant, and could not be more thrilled to serve as Co-PR this semester

Samantha Stone (Co-PR Director) is a senior Journalism and Mass Communications major and one of the Co-PR-directors.  Her favorite things include theater, proper grammar and posters.  If you are looking for her she is probably in Fedex Kinkos.

2012-2013 Extended Board

Alex Bradley (Assistant EP; Fall) is theatre.

Kellianne King (Assistant EP; Fall) is one of two fabulous associate executive producers! She’s a rising junior here at GW and am a history major with a minor in sociology. I could not be more excited for the coming year! DO GENERIC, IT’S THE BEE’S KNEES.

Josh Rivers (Assistant EP; Spring) is a senior who is more German than American most days. He likes Settlers of Catan, Beck’s and Chipotle and is glad to be serving on Generic’s E-Board in his last semester at GW. He lives in the Escaping Gender (LGBT) Townhouse and is known to DJ from time to time. Having finally seen the light himself, he would strongly encourage you, too, to get involved with Generic this semester!

Joseph Caldwell (Assistant AD) is so excited to be on the Generic board as the Assistant AD!!!  Joe is a freshman, majoring in International Affairs, and is from upstate NY (there are cows where I live…enough said)!!  Besides, writing in the third person and using prolific exclamation points (!), Joe loves to sing and act and one day hopes to direct, but above all, he most definitely loves being a Generic Theater Kid!

Kristen Pinto (Assistant AD) is a freshman majoring in having no idea what to major in. She is so thrilled to be on Generic’s board! Credits at GW ( so far 😀 ): Generic’s Freshman Showcase and FPP’s Urinetown. Kristen fell in love with (and lost a ridiculous amount of sleep thanks to) GW’s student theater community, and she is looking forward to the rest of the year!

Bridget Hughes (Assistant TD) is technical.

Austin Keefe (Assistant TD) is named Austin.  That’s it.

Hunter Scott (Assistant TD) is a junior who likes paint and pretty colors. Just don’t let him have too much paint or it will go places that it probably shouldn’t.

Bekah Eichelberger (Assistant FD; Fall) is a sophomore majoring in undecided and minoring in theatre *CLAP*. She hails from the Christmas City aka Bethlehem, Pa- which yes, was named after that Bethlehem(ask her about the story behind the name, its cool). She adores the GW student theatre community and is so excited that she is the assistant to the Financial Director (which is different from Assistant Financial Director, just watch The Office). She also enjoys the internet, parentheses(as you can tell), watching British television, and dropping Gammas(she even won an award for dropping the best gammas. #sorrynotsorry). And Marissa Price needs to get on her Bio level (insides jokes #sorrynotsorry).

Sierra Schwartz (Assistant PR) is a sophomore majoring in psychology and is so excited to be Assistant PR for the 2012/2013 school year! When Sierra is not taking, editing, posting or tagging photos, she’s probably online shopping for hello kitty merchandise while pretending to listen to your super important piece of gossip.

Michael Salgarolo (STC Liason) is a senior majoring in History. His time with Generic has allowed him to play a wide variety of jerks, sociopaths and committers of bestiality. After graduation, he sees himself pursuing the great questions of Hip-Hop Philosophy, namely, “Can I Live?” and more importantly, “Can I Kick It?” Samantha J. Stone is his boo.


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