Elected Board:

Joe Caldwell, Co-Executive Producer: I am so excited to be on the Generic Board again as the Co-Executive Producer. I am a junior graduating a year early, with a major in International Affairs and a minor in Public Health. As most, I started out acting and singing but now I love working behind the scenes on shows and watching them grow into amazing productions. My first Generic production was Freshman Showcase and during my Freshcase, I truly fell in the love with the company and the type of theatre that Generic produces. I also directed Red Light Winter in Freshman Showcase 2014, stage managed Generic’s production of Wit and I was on board my freshman year as Assistant Artistic Director and last year as Co- Executive Producer. I am so proud to call myself a Generic Theatre Kid!

CassieCassie Collentine, Co-Executive Producer: I am a sophomore, majoring in Women’s Studies and International Economics. I am the proud owner of 37 sweaters. You can probably find me in meetings in the CSE, filling out paperwork, drinking more coffee than socially appropriate, on the dog tinder, or huddled in a corner of the downstage. I have been told my leadership style is a combination of Leslie Knope and the Gestapo, and I’m perfectly okay with that. “Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge. Let’s go!” –April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

SamSam Gordon, Co-Artistic Director: After an awesome semester of performing in an original musical and shows like Macbeth in Scotland (yes, that really happened), I’m so excited to be back home with Generic as Artistic Director! I have been a Generican for all three years I’ve been here, previously serving as Assistant EP/AD. I’ve also been apart of Generic in Steel Magnolias, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Freshman Showcase 2012/2013. When I’m not doing theatre things, I’m a journalism and mass communication major (and still unofficial theatre minor) who loves binge watching Netflix and baking for the masses. Also, I’m still pretty proud of winning comic relief as Ousier Boudreaux in Steel Magnolias because it’s still funny to picture a 21-year-old from New Jersey who has lived in Scotland for the past semester as an old curmudgeonly Southern woman.

VictoriaVictoria Neiman-Vigo, Technical Director: I am excited to be Technical Director and queen of the nerdiest tech team you’ve ever seen. You can define me as: nerdy, but can do hard labor. Black is my color. I’m a rambler. .

ThomThom Fusco, Public Relations Director: Let’s just say, I’m obsessed with all things salad, specifically kale and all kale related endeavours. When not writing obnoxious tweets or publishing vividly colorful instagrams, I can be found eating almond butter with a fork in a corner. It’s okay. I’m normal I promise. If you can’t find me doing any of the above, I can be found browsing through fonts online.

Extended Board:

10704069_793547517370411_7038384279963270992_nVictoria Gosalves, Assistant Executive Producer: I am a freshman who is virtually undecided in every aspect of my life, other than my love for theater and especially Generic. You can call me Vicki as my original name was already claimed. I’m so excited to work with Generic this season!

10580101_10203864265154488_4706432203199418783_nAlex Schwartz, Assistant Executive Producer: Piña coladas are too cold and coconuts are too sweet. Getting caught in the rain is a nuisance and no one likes it. But the dunes on the Cape… They’re pretty good.

10411033_793548304036999_3040486261583616868_nAlix Black, Assistant Artistic Director: I am a second semester freshman from Long Island, New York studying Business Administration. I’ve participated in theatre since I was 4 years old, and I couldn’t be any happier to be a part of the Generic and STC family.

CarolineCaroline Crook, Assistant Artistic Director: I’m a sophomore with an undeclared major, a Netflix account and a burning passion for all things theatre- and pizza-related. I’ve been called “the Millard Fillmore of our generation” by no one. Why would anyone call me that? That’s a weird thing to call someone.

AustinAustin Keefe, Assistant Technical Director: I am  a junior with a double major in music and theatre. This is my second year as an Assistant Technical Director for the Generic Theatre Company.

Anthony Hannani, Assistant Technical Director: I’m a freshmen majoring in (mystery) because I am interested in probably half of the majors offered. I have been referred to as a “walking enigma” and a “hot mess”. I’m not as knowledgeable about Tech as the rest of my team, but I’ll get there (hopefully). I like pierogies and carbs.

unnamedTiffany Hudson, Assistant Technical Director: Hi Internet! I come from the home of Coca-Cola and the word ya’ll, Georgia.  Tech work has been my passion since my freshman year of high school. The only other things that come close are my love of all things comic book,  TV,  and film.  I am currently a freshman and pursuing a degree in Journalism which I hope to use as a producer of broadcast Journalism news.  If you are ever looking for me,  you can most likely find me in the a tech booth of some kind or in the SMPA building.

10377243_10152396540423062_9012499673943081406_nAshleigh Longeway, Assistant Technical Director: I’m a freshman studying forensic chemistry. My favorite part is shedding light on forensic mysteries. (Get it? Shedding light… Because I like to design lights…) I cannot wait to assist in making a great season with Generic Theatre Company!

10712711_781909441867552_2262062243092131783_nMatthew Gilchrist, Assistant Public Relations: I am a freshman, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in theatre. Despite the fact that I am always busy with something, I have no idea what I’m doing. Additionally, music is cool… Just wanted to clarify that.

10801596_817898471600170_4215934293093673154_nClaire Miller, Assistant Public Relations: Chicken nuggets is my family.


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